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Bringing Pets To/From Nicaragua

Bringing Pets from the United States to Nicaragua

You will need:

  • A certificate issued by the ministry of agriculture, USDA is preferred. However, certificates of good health issued by a veterinarian with recent rabies vaccine will also be accepted. For dogs: multiple canines, for cats: multiple felines and parasite treatment within the past year.

When your pet arrives:

  • You will need to pay U$10.00 per pet to a MAGFOR Quarantine Delegate at the Managua International Airport. You will also need to pay an additional U$10.00 per pet to customs.
  • We recommend you request assistance from airline personnel to contact the MAGFOR Quarantine Delegate; their office is near the immigration check points.
  • It is important to remember that the MAGFOR Quarantine Delegate will require the original form of the certificate and any other documentation you have brought.

Note: Please remember that the Managua Airport does not have any facility to store pets. Therefore, all arrangements so the owner may be in Nicaragua at the time of arrival should be done in advance. The payments mentioned above are done when the pet arrives. Whether that be on the same flight with the passenger, or if the owner is already in Nicaragua, they still need to be sure they are in the airport at the arrival time of the flight.

Bringing Pets from Nicaragua to the United States

  • Bring your pet and your pet’s vaccination record to a registered veterinarian, the veterinarian will issue a health certificate for your pet.
  • Most veterinarians will take care of the below process for a fee.
    • Take the health certificate to Centro de Tramites de Exportacion (CETREX) and request an export permit. Address for CETREX: Plaza el Sol 1 ½ C. al Sur, Mano Derecha.
    • Authenticate the export permit at the Nicaraguan Chancery (MINREX).  Address for MINREX: Sobre la Avenida Bolivar, Del Cine Gonzalez, 1 C. al Sur.

Note: For the most complete and accurate information on the importation of pets and other animals into the United States, please check with the Centers for Disease Control and Customs and Border Protection.  Different types of pets have different requirements so owners should be well informed on each process as it applies to them. 

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