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Group Appointment Program

NOTE: people need to apply well in advance of the event for a group appointment.

What is the Group Appointment Program?

  • The Group Appointment Program is a way for groups of eight or more individuals to apply for nonimmigrant visas and to receive priority appointment scheduling as a group.

Visit the How to Apply section to learn more about the visa process.

Which organizations may register for Group Appointments?  Who can participate?

  • The Group Appointment Program is limited to companies, sport teams, cultural exchange and musical groups, non-immigrant workers and professional associations.
  • Family members are not eligible to participate in the program.  Family members wishing to accompany group members should apply using the normal procedures detailed on the U.S. Embassy website.

In addition to the above requirements, each applicant, must:

  • Be a Nicaraguan national with a valid Nicaraguan passport.
  • Not be subject to any ineligibility based on noncompliance with U.S immigration laws and regulations.   Individuals who have previously been denied a visa (unless subsequently issued a visa) or who answer “yes” to any of the security and background questions on application form DS-160 may not apply under the Group Appointment Program and must schedule a normal appointment.

How do I register and how are appointments scheduled?

Please visit and follow the instructions available at

What should an applicant bring to his or her interview?

  • Valid Nicaraguan passport.
  • CITIBANK receipt showing that the non-refundable application fee has been paid.
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page and photo (if needed).
  • In addition to providing standard evidence of economic solvency, residency and/or studies, the employee/member should present a job/membership letter on his qualifying organization’s letter head signed by the authorizing official.

Are applicants who apply under the Group Appointment Program guaranteed a visa?

No.  Applying under the Group Appointment Program is no guarantee of visa issuance. All applicants must demonstrate that they qualify for non-immigrant status.  Consular Officers may request additional information and/subsequent