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DS-82: The Short Passport Application Form
Here's what your photo should look like:  The photo must be 2 inches by 2 inches with the face size as specified. Your browser may not display the graphic above as the right size.

Here's what your photo should look like: The photo must be 2 inches by 2 inches with the face size as specified. Your browser may not display the graphic above as the right size.

To set up an appointment for any of the services listed below, click here. However, it is not absolutely necessary to made an appointment for passport services. For more information on our service hours, click here.

You can renew your existing passport using the DS-82 form, only if all of the following apply:

You were issued your most recent U.S. passport at age 16 or older and within the past fifteen years, and

You can submit your most recent passport (even if it has already expired within the past fifteen years as long as you meet the other criteria, below), and

Your most recent U.S. passport was issued for full validity and

Your name will remain the same as on your most recent passport.

If you are not eligible to apply for your passport using the DS-82, you must submit the longer passport application form, the DS-11.

Here's what you'll need to renew your passport ...

Application Form
Please complete one copy of Form DS-82. Forms are also available for pick-up in our offices.

Please note that the mailing instructions for the online version of the application form only apply to applications accepted in the United States.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept these applications by mail.  All applications must be made in person.  To set up an appointment, click here.

The form you print must be clear and sharp, with black print on white paper, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. Thermal paper, special inkjet paper, and other shiny papers are not acceptable. Sorry.

One Photo
The photo must be 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm) with a white or very light colored background. Blue backgrounds are not acceptable.  There are no photo facilities located inside the Embassy.  However, there are several located near the Embassy should you not be able to locate a photo facility near your home. 

Please do not staple the photo to the application form. Just write the applicant's name on the back of the photo with a felt tip pen (ball point can press through and mar the picture) and include them with the application.

The best way to make sure your photo is the right size is to download and print out a passport application (see above). The drawing of a proper photo is right on the application form.

Old Passport
You must submit your old passport with your application. We will cancel the old passport and return it to you.

The fee for a renewal passport is currently $110 for adults.  For a complete listing our service fees, click here.  All U.S. Citizens Services must be paid at the Embassy when you come for your appointment.  We accept U.S. dollars, cordobas, and the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club or American Express.


How Long Does It Take?

Processing time is about three weeks after we receive your application in good order, as all passport printing now must be done in the United States.  However, because computers break, hurricanes happen and mail is sometimes delivered late, please don't make any unchangeable travel plans until you have your new passport in hand.

Child Support Owed

Under Section 51.70 (a) (8) of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations, a passport, except for direct return to the United States, will not be issued in any case in which the applicant has been certified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as notified by a state agency to be in arrears of child support in an amount exceeding $2,500.00.  For more information, click here.

Your passport will be revoked if you fall under this regulation, including when you apply for additional pages, seek a renewal or process a Report of Birth application.

Please direct any questions to the appropriate State child support enforcement agency. You may go to the Department of Health and Human Services - State Child Support Enforcement Web Site for a listing of HHS state and local agencies.